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NFL Draft Time Change and Other Interesting Facts

By Patriots Blog Writer Doug Cutler Jr.

First, a word about the NFL draft on April 25th

Who was the brainiac that decided to start the draft at 4:00pm Eastern instead of the usual noon start? This is a classic case of somebody trying to out-think themselves. Or, if you prefer football terminology, the NFL clearly has out-kicked its coverage on this one.

From what I understand, 70% of all households with televisions are east of the Mississippi River. Many of these people utilize the draft as the unofficial kick-off to grilling and cook-out season. Noon-time (or an hour earlier for the Central time zone folks) is the perfect time of day to start these festivities. Furthermore, most people aren’t ready for evening dinner at 4:00pm on the east coast and it’s not a stretch to envision far fewer draft parties if the majority of grills are covered with tarps instead of meat.

Way to go, NFL. First you float the ridiculous notion of a 17 or 18 game regular season and now this. If Jason Varitek can snap out of his funk maybe you can, too.

Interesting Statistic I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know

Vincent Brown, the exceptional ILB from the late ‘80s and ‘90s, wore #59 for the team with patriotic laundry. Remember him? He was the guy who was so built, he had muscles protruding from his face. Yes, that’s the guy. Well, he played a respectable eight years for the New England Patriots before his body wore out from all the pounding.

If Brown could have magically played his entire career over again after his retirement, he would have retired six years ago.

Why is this interesting? It’s because one of Brown’s teammates from his rookie year is still playing in the NFL.

If your interest is piqued, see my “Question of the Week” below.

My draft prediction

I am going to stick with this prediction right up until I am proven wrong. I still say Bill Belichick & Co. will trade two of their second round picks for a mid’ to late first round selection. That would give them two first round picks and one second. Still not a bad haul.

Answer to last week’s question:

Drew Bledsoe is the Patriots’ all-time leading passer with 29,657 passing yards.

Question of the week:

There is currently only one player on an NFL roster that played with the Patriots in the 1980s. Who is this player?

(Answer will be provided next week)

1 comment:

  1. Doug, right on with the NFL draft time! I have no idea on your question of the week, I'm waiting with excitement for sure. I'm gonna have to look into it since you sparked my interest. I wish it were easier to post a comment on here but it's kinda complicated, the site does not allow a person to just type in a comment and type the captcha. I have to repeat it once or twice......every time, and sometimes there isn't even a captcha? Good read Doug.