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A Draftee Bites the Dust and Rodney Harrison

By Patriots Blog Writer Doug Cutler Jr.

First, a quick word about David Ortiz…again

You’re the Boston Red Sox. It’s May 6, 2009, and your DH is hitting .225 and has no home runs yet.

What’s your Plan B?

Drafted linebacker is out for the season

Third round pick Tyrone McKenzie is out for the year with a torn ACL. He was due to compete for a spot on special teams and OLB.

Oh the drama

So Brett Favre isn’t quite sure he’s done with football yet. Let me just say this: I’m pretty sure football is done with him. The gods surely aren’t smiling at this guy any more. I might not see dead people, but if Favre pushes this, we’re probably watching the beginning stages of a tragic train wreck. Stay tuned for more mayhem.

Paging Mr. Harrison…paging Mr. Harrison

Unlike a certain aforementioned quarterback that can’t seem to let the game go, the New England Patriots have a future hall-of-famer of their own who is seriously considering saying goodbye to a career that spanned two eras. Rodney Harrison was drafted out of Western Illinois University in 1994 by the San Diego Chargers. Remember the 49-26 drubbing the San Francisco 49ers put on the bolts in the Super Bowl that year? Harrison was on that team. That’s how far back he goes.

Patriot Nation had the good fortune that Harrison was jettisoned by the Chargers after the 2002 season, for he brought a renewed sense of toughness to the defense in 2003. In fact, it was that same year that the Patriots finished the season as the NFL’s #1 ranked defense in points allowed. In ’04, the Pats followed up that mighty accomplishment with a #2 ranking, and both seasons culminated with Super Bowl wins. Not coincidently, Harrison played all 16 games both seasons, a feat he hasn’t repeated since. Of course, the Patriots haven’t won the Super Bowl since then, either.

If Mr. Harrison chooses to hang up his cleats for good, we can be confident that we have witnessed a truly great football player ply his craft. He is the only player in NFL history to have both 30 sacks and 30 interceptions (actually, he has 30.5 sacks and 34 ints) and is only one of a handful of individuals who have played in four Super Bowls. Canton will surely call his name one day, allowing him to be immortalized along with all the other greats of the game.

Interesting statistic I’ll bet you didn’t know

The Patriots have never lost a regular season game to the Baltimore Ravens (4-0), Jacksonville Jaguars (4-0), or Houston Texans (2-0). Conversely, the Patriots have beaten every NFL team at least once, with the fewest wins coming against the Carolina Panthers (1-2).

Answer to last week’s question:

Craig James was part of the “Pony Express” backfield with Eric Dickerson at SMU.

Question of the week:

There is a former Patriot who is widely regarded as the best guard in NFL history. Who is this player?

(Answer will be provided next week)