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Boston Celtics and Steve McNair by Douglas Cutler Jr

By Patriots Blog Writer Doug Cutler Jr.

First, a word about the Celtics and Rasheed Wallace

This week we learned that the Boston Celtics have signed Rasheed Wallace in an attempt to win one more championship before their aging trio of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen decide to leave the NBA and sign up for Social Security (they better hurry up if they want to receive actual checks instead of IOUs).

On the surface, this move appears to be a sound transaction, however, if you take a quick peek at all four players’ ages (they will be 32, 33, 34, and 35 next season), it doesn’t take long to realize the 2009-2010 season is the Last Chance Saloon for this version of the Celtics. The team that suits up in the fall of 2010 will most likely be radically different than the one that takes the hardwood in a couple months.

If Danny Ainge complements the addition of Wallace with quality youth, then picking up the 35 year old makes sense. If he doesn’t and instead rides the gray beards for all they’re worth this coming season, then this move will have a very short shelf life.

The Celtics should be getting younger, not older, and pinning your hopes on guys in their mid-30s doesn’t sound like the best course of action. Unless, of course, tomorrow doesn’t matter.

Now, a word about Steve McNair

A few days ago a very public person’s secretive private life went on full display for the entire world to see the very instant he lost his own. Undoubtedly, it came as a shock to us all when we heard that Steve McNair was killed in Nashville, and that a young woman was also found dead in the same condo. After days of speculation, the police have finally come out and said that McNair was killed in his sleep by his young girlfriend Sahel Kazemi and that she subsequently took her own life as well.

If there is a lesson to be learned by this affair (no pun intended), it’s that a surprising percentage of people, even those who appear to be well-grounded, hide some part of their lives due to poor decision making. Regardless if the murder-suicide hunch turned out to be true, it is clear that McNair was cheating on his wife, Mechelle. As if that wasn’t enough to shake the public’s perception of him, Kazemi is reported to have killed McNair due to her fears that he was seeing yet another girl on the side.

Unfortunately, the people who will suffer most as a result of McNair’s lack of character are his wife and four children. Let us hope that those four boys aren’t permanently scarred by this terrible episode and mature into men who take vows and responsibilities more seriously than their father did. Let’s pray that years from now the sins of the father don’t manifest themselves in the boys who were left without their dad. That’s the real tragedy; boys who thought their dad was a fine, moral father figure, one who would be their friend and mentor for years to come, ended up holding a bag of broken promises and soul-wrenching betrayal.

And no, McNair does not belong in the hall of fame. Aside from a handful of impressive individual plays during his career and playing in pain (we’ve never seen that before in the NFL, have we?), there was nothing remarkable about the 13 years he played. If you compared him to every other quarterback drafted during the ‘90s and ‘00s, there are at least ten better QBs. How can he be worthy of the hall of fame when he wasn’t even a top-ten quarterback during his era?

Finally, one has to wonder if professional athletes will be able to fall asleep in the presence of their secret girlfriends ever again.

Interesting statistic I’ll bet you didn’t know

Bill Parcells’ record as head coach of the New England Patriots was 32-32 for a .500 winning percentage. Pete Carroll’s record was 27-21 for a .563 winning percentage. Bill Parcells led the team to two postseason births, as did Carroll.

Answer to last week’s question:

The last Patriots head coach to serve only one season was Rod Rust (1-15 in 1990).

Question of the week:

Since 1980, how many players have led the Patriots in rushing for at least four seasons?

(Answer will be provided next week)


  1. I was really glad when the Oilers got Steve. Moon was the perfect mentor for him. Then, we lose them to TN but I still followed them pretty closely. I hated Bud Adams for what he did to us, but still loved Fisher and the boys.

    You're right...Steve is not HOF material--nowhere close. It's true that his family will bear the brunt of this tragedy for the rest of their lives. I see where Eddie George is now saying that Steve was *lost* without football, and was searching for *something*. Well, that sure worked out well, didn't it?

    The kids are now fatherless...I cannot imagine what they're going through now.

    Steve was a terrific athlete but, in the end, a very selfish person who lost his life because he broke his vows.

    I wonder how many other men this will happen to...


  2. Well one must ALWAYS remember that there are two sides to a story. We don't have ALL the facts about him or her, it appears that Steve did a no no...did she at all, ever? I've learned not to be the judge, but point well taken about (all) celebrities who wander off the path, heck...anyone/everyone right? And by the way...Bill Parcells is the man when it comes to football!!! LOL

  3. The two sides to this story are:

    A) Steve McNair cheated on his wife and is now dead

    B) His family is left to pick up the pieces from his poor decision-making.

    Steve McNair is not a "hero."


  4. the Mcnair story. ..a lesson in gun control.

  5. Re: "A lesson in gun control."

    She could have just as easily sliced his throat while he was sleeping and he'd be just as dead.

    The only difference is people wouldn't be clamoring for more knife control.


  6. Anonymous said...
    the Mcnair story. ..a lesson in gun control.

    And you would be absolutely clueless. What if she'd hit him with a baseball bat? Should we then outlaw bats? What about cars?

    You anti-gunners have to be some of the most stupid people on earth.


  7. Gun Control

    The one who needed to exhibit control was McNair and his urge to creep around. If he's at home with his family his kids still have a father.

  8. I won't even comment on the gun control remark, as enough people have already pointed out how foolish it was.

    When I first heard about what happened to McNair I felt bad for him. I thought maybe his girlfriend suspected him of cheating and went nuts or maybe drugs were involved. Then I found out he was married -I didn't know he was married and had kids. This guys a scumbag and anyone who thnks he's a hero is a moron. The hero's in this world are the guys out busting their butts to make a living and home each night with their wife and kids. Our society is getting more and more screwed up because our kids look up to these sports figures as heros when in reality most of them are nothing but a bunch of in shape losers.

    Bring back the old days and the standards the majority of the athletes had then.

  9. Very intersting stat. I would have never guessed Tuna was 32-32 for his stint at the Pats.

  10. just returning to see some ruffled feathers and rude remarks regarding my
    earlier "gun control" comment.. thought I'd respond to them.

    I think it's a given that a 21 year old young lady would find
    it MUCH EASIER to shoot a man with a gun in order to kill him rather
    than use a bat, knife or car. Agreed?