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Usain Bolt's Lightning Strike, Brett Favre's Circus, and More by Doug Cutler Jr

By Patriots Blog Writer Doug Cutler Jr.

First, a word about 9.58

Folks, if you have any interest at all in basic feats of human athleticism, you’re going to want to start paying attention to what is happening in track and field right now. Specifically, I’m referring to the drama that is unfolding in the 100 meter track event.

As some of you realize, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, who won Olympic gold in last year’s Beijing games with a new world record of 9.69 seconds, recently shattered his year-old mark with a time of 9.58.

It’s difficult to express just how remarkable that accomplishment really is. This is akin to Wilt Chamberlain’s single-game NBA scoring record of 100 points (1962) or perhaps his record of averaging 50 points per game for an entire season (‘62). We’re talking stupid numbers here. Nintendo numbers. It’d be like Tom Brady throwing for ten touchdowns in a single game.

For background purposes, let’s take a quick look at the history of the 100m. In 1983, the world record was 9.93 seconds. Before Bolt’s run last week, the record was broken ten times in the last 26 years. Of those ten times, seven records were bested by a mere .01 or .02 of a second. The largest margin of improvement was .05 seconds, and that only occurred once (1999).

In other words, when Bolt beat his old record by .11 seconds, he also completely annihilated the previous standard for lowering a world record time by more than doubling that mark of .05 and absolutely vaporized the average of .02 seconds per improvement.

We are witnessing another Bob Beamon circa 1968 in Mexico City, when the American Olympian broke the world record in the long jump by almost two feet. Only in Bolt’s case, he just did it again today, as the news reports are flashing that he broke his 200m world record (set last year in Beijing as well) by .11 seconds with a run of 19.19.

Move over Jesse Owens and Carl Lewis. There’s a new legend in town and he’s making you guys look rather pedestrian by comparison.

Now, a quick word about Brett Favre

I was kind of hoping he’d do this. You know, the comeback. Whether he sinks or swims, one thing’s for certain; he’s going to make the NFL (and the NFC North) much more interesting to watch. Fans should be rejoicing over his decision to play again, not berating him. League officials must be gleeful with the news that the Favrean Circus has rolled back into town.

Nothing beats free publicity.

Interesting statistic I’ll bet you didn’t know

The New England Patriots enter the 2009 season with a four game winning streak.

Answer to last week’s question:

None of the players on the Patriots’ 1996 Super Bowl team were playing in the NFL in 1985, the first time New England participated in the big game.

Question of the week:

Which former Patriots player was the butt of the following joke?

[player in question] almost missed the Super Bowl due to a fork in the road and a knife in the kitchen.

(Answer will be provided next week)


  1. Nice article. That kid is ridiculously fast. I remember when Bob Hayes was the "world's fastest human", then he played for the Cowboys. This guy is like Secretariat...he's in a league of his own.

    I wish Brett would just retire and go quietly into the HOF. He could be a really good analyst on TV. His skills just aren't there anymore. Kind of sad to see him go out like this.


  2. I believe Marion Butts was in a cig commercial that stated "say no to butts" with Marion kicking a cig butt on the grass/ground or something? It sure is nice to see track n field getting some attention again, good competition will do it!

    I also think that not only Farve sparks more interest into the NFL this year (whether we are sick of him or not) but the Tom Brady comeback, all the new head coaches with new teams, TO moving on to yet another team and Dallas Moving on, is there another Miami Dolphin team quick turn around?, and will Miami keep up with last year, What about the Wildcat offense, Michael Vick too...Should be another great NFL season!