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One Play Does Not a Game Make

Okay, we're all tired of the analysis of the Pats-Colts game. Will ESPN just shut up about it already? Of course not. They ride any good topic out until it collapses and dies, and then they try to resuscitate it to make sure they have squeezed every last drop of life out of it, before it's proclaimed dead. They blew a game they dominated, point blank, period. The Pats maybe shouldn't have went for that 4th down, but I honestly liked the call. I would've liked it better if they had just tried a quarterback sneak. It doesn't seem to matter what front the defense is using--Brady seems to always be good for two yards on a sneak. I realize the Colts came with an all out blitz on 3rd down, but I still would have sneaked it on 3rd down and if that didn't work, come back with the sneak to the other side on 4th down.

I really do like the gutsiness of the call to go for it. However, it was the wrong play to call on 4th and 2, with no time outs left, with more than 2 minutes left, in Indianapolis. The Pats were stuck with the terrible spot that they got from the refs, because they didn't have any time outs left to challenge the spot and there were still more than 2 minutes left in the game. So, yes, they got shafted, but they should have put the game out of reach long before then and failed to do so.

The Pats offense completely dominated the game. If it had not been for a few botched 3rd down conversions where they had effective drives but stalled short of putting points on the board, the game would have not been in question at the end. Had they been able to convert on a couple other times in the red zone when they had to settle for field goals, they would have already put the game out-of-reach for the Colts (I have no bigger pet peeve than the Pats settling for field goals in the red zone, although they did a much better job of scoring touchdowns this Sunday).

Truthfully, the biggest reason that I'm not upset on the bad spot that the Patriots received on that 4th down play, is that the refs had already given the Pats the shaft multiple times throughout the game. At least the bad spot was close, the others were not. Tom Brady's lone interception wasn't caused by him not seeing Antoine Bethea or Moss not making a good play on the ball. It was caused by a blown pass interference call. Bethea made a clean catch and didn't interfere with anyone. However, he would have had no chance on making that catch in front of Randy Moss had it not been for the Colts corner interfering with Moss well before the ball got there. That is why Moss wasn't able to jump and make a play on the ball. Now this wasn't the only pass interference call that should have went against the Colts that the refs missed, but it was probably the most important one. The Colts corners are straight-up bad. They were burned the entire game, except for the times when they accosted the receiver and got away with it. Wes Welker should have pressed charges after the game--he was essentially assaulted the whole way through. I have a nine-month old son who doesn't get held that much.

Now when things got fipped around the other way, there was an enourmous discrepency. How legit of a play did Darius Butler make when he was erroneously flagged for pass interference in the 4th quarter? That ended up being a 40+ yard mysterious pass interference call that essentially gave Inianapolis a touchdown. Overall, the Pats secondary played very well against a talented group of Colts receivers and a great quarterback. They were beat a few times by perfect throws and great catches. Their secondary deserved better than what they got from the officials.

Did terrible officiating attribute to the Pats somehow losing to the Colts, in a game that they dominated? Of course, it did. However, it wasn't the bad spot that the Pats should be most upset about. Everyone is too focused on that one play; the Pats were shafted throughout the entire game.

--Jesse C.


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