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Pats-Jets; Other NFL Notes

So I would have preferred to see the Pats put up at least 40 on the Jets. Okay, I actually wanted to see them win by at least 40. Although I do like Rex Ryan, it's just something about the Jets. I sounded prophetic in my last blog about ESPN milking the whole 4th and 2 thing for all it was worth. It was an easy prediction though as that's what they always do. It wasn't until they started showing highlights of the Pats-Jets game that anyone on ESPN was able to mention "Patriots" and didn't say anything about "4th and 2".

As for other NFL notes:

After being annoyed by him for many weeks now, I finally realized who Adam Schefter of ESPN reminded me of. If you're like me and grew up in the In Living Color-era (one of the greatest comedy shows ever by the way), you should remember Parnell. If not, he was one of the characters that Jim Carey played; you have to remember Parnell and Edna--"Edna, Pedna, you big fat Fedna!" Adam Schefter is his reincarnation. He's a dweeb and actually thinks he's telling us something intriguing and something that we don't know, but all he does is just state the obvious. His annunciation is Parnell to a T. ESPN still has Chris Mortenson as an NFL-insider as well, but that's all they needed. Who the heck does Schefter know on the inside of any NFL organization? When he says that "his sources tell him...", I want to ask, "Who are your sources? The general public." All he ever does is say things that everyone already knows, yet annunciates it like he's telling you some ground-breaking information. This guy's a tool. I was hoping that he would grow on me after a few weeks, but he just gets more and more annoying. I don't know how ESPN found this guy, but I'm hoping that they can lose him just as easily.

--Jesse C.

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