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The Hits kept comming, it reminded me of a time....

By David Serna

....a long time ago when King Brady ruled over his New England Court.

A beating this Patriots team took today in ye ole New England.
The Baltimore Ravens took the battle straight down the Pats larynx and feed them football just like the Patriots used to do to other teams that dared to step int Gillette stadium at playoff time.
Just as I spoke earlier in other blogs, the Ravens took a mallet and pounded so many dents in the Pats armor that they blew a hole right threw it.
This is not the Patriots from the last decade, this is the Patriots headed into the next decade.
I have too say that neither passing game was impressive at all.
But the Ravens defense hit any receiver that the Pats attempted too use, and hit them hard.
Along with putting pressure on Brady most of the game and intercepted him just a few times, the Pats running game was non existent. The walls were knock down and Bradys castle was over run with Ravens.
No offense at all, I'm not even sure if the Patriots made it past the 50 yard line in the first half.
When the Patriots fateful start booing before half time, there is trouble a brewing.
An brewing it did, right over the rim of the pot.
Hats off too the Baltimore Ravens for coming into Foxboro on a cold day were the Patriots have not lost a playoff game since 1978 and spanking them. You have to give it to them.
I can still remember the Pats and St Louis playing in Super Bowl XXXVI being a 14 point underdog to an St Louis offense that was out of control good during the regular season. And did not really disappoint in the Bowl with Warner throwing 365 yards and Faulk combing for 129 of rushing and receiving. But the Pats defense took control of the game making every hit count.
The Ravens did just that today, they kicked the Pats but in their own home 33-14.
New England look just like a beat team with no weapons to look too. None.
The swords are rusty, the armor is weak and the battle worn knight have been driven from the playoffs.
Is the battle over? For now it is.


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