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Chad Ochocinco (Johnson) to Patriots?

By Frank Hyun

There are rumors around the NFL that Chad Ochocinco, Flamboyant wide receiver of Cincinnati Bengals is hoping to join the Patriots, among others such as Raiders. As of right now, Ochocinco still has one year left in his contract with Bengals but Bengals can decide not to pick up the option that will pay Ochocinco $6 million next year. However, it is assumed that Bengals will not pick up the option due to uncertainty with collective bargain agreement and declining production of Ochocinco. If Bengals indeed decline the option, Patriots should NOT sign Ochocinco, not even for veteran minimum. He will not produce nearly enough to justify his oversized ego and poisonous characteristic that may cause rifts in the locker room.

Some may say that Patriots locker room was strong enough to endure Randy Moss and Patriots received amazing production from him but Chad Ochocinco is not Randy Moss. Both were never known as hard workers but Randy Moss possesses more physical talent than Ochocinco. Also Carson Palmer had trouble communicating with Ochocinco, who he played with since 2003. I personally do not want to see Ochocinco taking time away from Brandon Tate, Julius Edelman and Taylor Price.

Anyway, nothing to worry about fellow Patriots fans. Coach Belichick will not sign Ochocinco in million years. He is not as good as he used to be and he was never as good as Randy Moss.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at and I will reply as soon as possible.


  1. All receivers seem a little nuts but Moss is a special case to take a risk on because he was like you said a physical freak. It seems only the Packers have normal receivers that just catch and run.

  2. Chad Ochocinco has always been known as a hard worker... Yes, he is a diva but lets be honest, he definitely practices hard, plays hard, and wants to win.

  3. i dont know but maybe, the pats definitely need a WR

  4. pats need something to compliment welker he wont be as effective definitely need a wr branch cant be a number 2

  5. Not in a million years eh. So this article was dead wrong lol.