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Patriots NFL Draft 2010 part 2

5th (150th Overall) Zoltan Mesko
Punter from University of Michigan was somewhat no brainer pick as Patriots punters struggled mightily during 2009 season (39.0 yards per punt). He was a raw prospect coming out of the college, but he quickly proved that he has necessary physical attributes and skills to be effective. He has been steady over the course of the season and has chance to be an anchor in special team with Stephen Gostkowski for years to come.
Grade: B
6th (205th Overall) Ted Larsen
Center from North Carolina State was depth chart pick who has shown limited potential during short time at center. Started at center for first time last two years, he was solid. I thought him as Dan Koppen 2.0 as both of them has little or no experience at center and has less than ideal physical attributes. He was in practice squad until Buccaneers signed him away during the season. Currently, he is in Buccaneers’ practice squad.
Grade: D
7th (208th Overall) Thomas Welch
Offensive Tackle from Vanderbilt, I thought, was one of best pick Coach Belichick made in 2010 NFL draft. He was 2 year starter in SEC conference, which is filled with some of nation’s best pass rushers and did solid job. However, he is currently in practice squad and perhaps next year, we will see more of him with Matt Light’s contract expiring and Nick Kazcur’s health in doubt.
Grade: Incomplete
7th (247th Overall) Brandon Deaderick
Defensive End/Defensive Tackle from Alabama is one of best pick Coach Belichick made in 2010 NFL draft. (Not just my opinion but fact) He was starter for extremely talented Alabama defense and we all know that Nick Saban’s defense is as pro style defense as they come in college level. His knowledge of 3-4 defense and decent skill made him instant contributor as depth chart thinned out after loss of Richard Seymour and Ty Warren. I do not know why he was suspended then reinstated but unless he has questionable character, I see him becoming Mike Wright type of player, solid player with tenacity
Grade: B+
7th (248th Overall) Kade Watson
Defensive Tackle from Georgia University has prototypical nose tackle size and strength but did not have experience or skill to become contributor. He was depth chart pick with little upside as he always has been raw player during his less than stellar career at Georgia. He was released during the season.
Grade: D
7th (250th Overall) Zac Robinson
Quarterback from Oklahoma State was questionable pick by Coach Belichick. Robinson has very weak arm with decent accuracy and he did not show enough promise against weak Big 12 defenses. Maybe Coach Belichick thought of Matt Cassel when he made this pick but with Brian Hoyer and history of Patriots only carrying 2 quarterbacks in the roster, he was released during the season.
Grade: D
Overall Grade: A
7 out of 12 players (McCourty, Gronkowski, Cunningham, Spikes, Hernandez, Mesko, Deaderick) has already made contribution for the team and I certainly expect more from 2010 NFL draft group as none of them has capped their potentials. After two disappointing drafts, Coach Belichick and the front office of Patriots showed why this team is considered as dynasty. Hopefully this group can help Patriots win all the way this year.


  1. Nice rundown, this draft is going to be one that keeps us a strong Super Bowl contender for years to come. I really like our strategy of trying for extra draft picks in a year.

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