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3 trades that I would love Patriots to make but will never happen

by Frank Hyun

After the Super Bowl, NFL fans face bleak future with potential lockout of NFL looming. However, off-season represent full of new ideas, however they may be crazy. I came up with these 5 potential trade that I wish Patriots would make but know deep down that will never happen (may be they will, who knows?). Anyway, here it goes.

1. Larry Fitzgerald and Adrian Wilson from Arizona Cardinals to Patriots for two first round picks (17th and 28th overall), a second round pick (60th overall), Dane Fletcher or Gary Guyton, Darius Butler, Brandon Tate and Brandon Deaderick.
This trade, I think, makes a lot of sense for both sides. Cardinals get three high draft picks that they can use to fill holes they have such as quarterback, offensive linemen, tight end, inside linebackers, outside linebackers and corner backs. They also get multiple players who can fill in several needs and have decent amount of potential. Dane Fletcher or Gary Guyton can fill one of inside linebacker position without being a liability, Darius Butler has potential and may need change of scenery to reach that potential, Brandon Deaderick can provide quality depth at defensive line and Brandon Tate, while not polished, is still young and has potential to become a good receiver. We all know what Patriots would get from this trade. Larry Fitzgerald will make already dangerous passing game unstoppable and Adrian Wilson will imitate Rodney Harrison with his physical play style. This will make Patriots clear cut Super Bowl contender but I doubt that Coach Belichick will send all those picks for any player(s).

2. Larry English from Chargers to Patriots for Darius Butler
For those who do not know who Larry English is, he is outside linebacker from Northern Illinois. He was 16th overall pick in 2009 but he was defensive end at Northern Illinois. However, he has enough quickness, speed, strength and other physical ability to become a successful 3-4 pass rusher. However, he has not produced as Chargers expected and has fallen out of favor. I believe that change of scenery can make a lot of difference and maybe becoming a Patriot will help him become a good player. Also Chargers need help at secondary and Butler might be their answer. This trade probably will not happen because neither team, I do not think, have enough information to pull this one off

3. Davin Joseph from Buccaneers to Patriots for 124th overall pick (4th round)
Davin Joseph, a guard from Oklahoma, has been fairly consistent player until this year when he missed 5 weeks due to fractured foot. However, he has shown Pro Bowl caliber talent and skills. There has been report that Buccaneers are trying to resign him so maybe 4th round pick is too low but they have adequate replacement for Davin Joseph in Ted Larsen ( yes that Ted Larsen who was drafted by Patriots in 6th round then got cut) And Buccaneers has always been cheap, having lowest payroll in NFL this year. If Glazer family, owners of the Buccaneers, decides not to spend much money on offensive guard, Buccaneers will have to look to trade him instead of losing him in free agency later. He will be suitable replacement for either Stephen Neal or Logan Mankins.

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  1. Love, Love, Love number one but NFL teams have no you know what, in baseball that could get done although likely not within the same league but in the NFL no way.

  2. Yea thats why these are trade that will never happen.

  3. Number 3 is good and practical.